Neither Nightingale Nor Lark Part 3

from by No Little Sparrow



I remember the rooster who lived next door to you
Crowing at an hour that hardly felt like morning
But the sunlight was there too
And I acted the perfectly devoted partner as you went to work
And still this was not enough once you had had a piece of me
Once I'd written a song about you, now make it two, make it three

Now, color everything that looks like romance with distrust
And the very wise refusal to believe anything
Unless it could be stated and enacted constantly forever and always
I have finally learned what I wish had been instinct
To run deftly away from anything resembling love
Because its very definition is lies


from Neither Nightingale Nor Lark, released June 15, 2015




No Little Sparrow Oakland, California

No Little Sparrow is a dark ambient project from Erica Mulkey (Unwoman), largely using cello, vocal, and birdsong sources.

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